Saturday 8 September 2012

Ring Rad Weg Options

The Ring Rad Weg is a very busy road for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and motorists.  There are huge pedestrian / cyclist conflict problems and a lot of cyclists are unsatisfied with the current slalom through living gate poles.  There is a growing realisation that design change is needed and public opinion is growing in support of relocation of space from cars to people.

Here is my attempt to propose some Ring design concepts and to start the discussion of the pros and cons for each.  You can vote for your preferred choice in the poll and please leave any comments you have.

I have taken a typical section of the Ring (Burgring - Opernring) that illustrates the kind of side street and 3 lane pedestrian configuration that is common.  I am only attempting to illustrate the basic concept here not the detail of each junction or section.

Option 1: Current design.

Option 2: Clearly marked cycle path.

Option 3: Cycle path on the side streets.

Option 4: A bidirectional cycle path on the main road.

Option 5: One direction cycle paths on main road.

Option 6: Integration of bicycle traffic with traffic reduced and calmed side roads.

Option 7: Car free zone (like the Prater Hauptallee).

1 comment:

  1. Although I can't see the pool, option 7 would be heaven. It's so nice when once a year, there's no cars on the ring, and no one really misses them. Oh, well.