Thursday 21 February 2013

Getreidemarkt: continued...

I was going to do a more detailed version of my original Getreidemarkt proposal but now that there are so many other proposals out there I will not bother.  Each proposal has pros and cons and I do not know which is best.  However I feel the important point has been made that there are solutions and it is possible to have reduced conflict on the roads if the roads are designed differently.  I hope a good solution can be developed although unless some road space is allocated to bikes for a proper separated cycle path I think this will not be possible.

Argus and IGF have proposed a One direction RadWeg solution.  Stephan Plepelits developed a design similar to mine in 2009 as a Technical University (TU) Project: Download. The TU have prepared a Discussion paper with some other options here: IVV-Diskussionsvorlage "Radweg Getreidemarkt"

There has been considerable media interest in this and derStandard did a TV show about it.

Well done for the Christoph Chorherr, for going back to the drawing board.  I think he was really surprised by how much frustration and anger there is out there, however as a user of Vienna's poor road design I am not surprised at all.  So often cyclists are fobbed off with poor quality paint on "solutions" that do nothing to increase safety and often reduces it by forcing bikes out of the way of cars into the door zone.  This has to change.  The final solution at Getreidemarkt will show us if Vienna really is VeloCity or CarCity.

To be continued....

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