Friday 14 February 2014


Soon 2 districts in Vienna vote on the MaHü project.  This has created a lot of discussion and interest about public space and it's use, which I think is a really good thing. 

I have my opinion and I am interested in the discussion.  However when you engage with some activists who are opposing traffic calming you quickly realise they have no problem with making totally wild statements that have no references or basis on reality.

There is a very patient, well written and researched blog post here: (which I hope you will read and use for those bullshit bingo moments).

I try to keep an open mind but one side of the argument is frankly completely fucking nuts, and has more to do with political polarizing than anything I understand to be based on reality.

Picture from wikipedia showing the the apparently good old days when motor traffic was free to create traffic Jams (while looking for parking spaces), buses got delayed and the (very few) cyclists got doored, while pedestrians squeezed along crowded footpaths.

The vision that came out of the Dialogue Process that will be fully implemented if those crazy Greens are allowed to take away freedom and ruin Vienna.

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  1. Interesting program here detailing the MaHü: